Statistically Grounded

Statistically Grounded is an on-line game that introduces multivariate issues is a simplified game environment. Students are asked to serve as a consultant for their friend, Joe. Joe is starting his own coffee company and students help him design a study to determine whether factors, such as location, time of day, price, type of music, or some combination of these influence sales. The on-line game allows students to design a study, sample data, and make suggestions on how Joe's business should be run. The game then simulates several months of business based on student's suggestions. The goal is to design a plan that will earn the most sales and make the largest amount of profits.


The following link allows you to play to the Statistically Grounded Game. You will be asked to install Unity Web Player, this may take a few minutes.


Student data is available at Statistically Grounded Student Data.


Power and p-values: Student Handout and Instructor's Notes

Understanding p-values when the null hypothesis is not true.


When there are differences between population means, p-values are not meaningful. You may want to use the following dataset and videos with this lab:


Other related readings that are useful for students to read and discuss include:


2-sample t-tests: Introduction to interactions

The emphasisis of this lab is on understanding that a third variable can dramatically influence the results of a study. Here the time of day will significantly influence which location coffee sales are the highest. This lab DOES NOT assume students have any knowledge of ANOVA, but this lab can be used as an introduction to ANOVA. You may want to use the following dataset and YouTube video with this lab:


The TigetSTAT labs handouts were created by Rod Sturdivant and John Jackson.