Farmer and Greenhouse games



The online farming game and greenhouse game allow players to grow and sell various crops, while also determining the proper amount of water, fertilizer and pesticides that should be used for each crop. Players can choose any options they like, but they increase their chances of winning if they thoroughly understand the data and techniques for analyzing it.


Players win by completing multiple quests throughout the game. This typically can take 25 – 50 minutes. Throughout the game, multiple data visualizations can be used to understand the optimum amount of water and fertilizer needed for each crop. In addition, droughts, pest infestations, and changing market prices can make it even more difficult to win.


The following link allows you to play the Farmer Game (please select the Farmer tab).

The following link allows you to play the Greenhouse Game (please select the Greenhouse tab).


In the Farmer game, players have to deal with realistic conditions that cannot always be easily controlled, such as the amount of rain, arrival of pests, or the quality/nutrient level of the soil. The Greenhouse game has very similar underlying models for yield, but players are able to control more factors, such as the exact amount of water added to the soil. Both game follow growth models for Iowa farmland. Each plot represent approxiamately one tenth and acre and the yields for each crop are measured in bushels.


You may be asked to install Unity Web Player, this may take a few minutes.

Many browsers will require you to allow popups before they will run these stat2labs games.


Data visualizations that allow you to view all data are at Farmer Data Visualizations


Currently the student labs and instructor notes are not finalized, but you can see possible graphs and questions Here.


All data from the game is available at Farmer Data.





Thanks to Grinnell students Grace Tsui, Henry Firestone, and Zhaoqing Wu for creating, editing and maintaining the on-line game.