Teaching Statistics Through Games-Under Construction!!!


This page presents a series of games, activities and case studies that can be used in a variety of blended as well as brick-and-mortar courses. The materials can be used in introductory level statistics courses as well as more advanced courses. These activities use online apps instead of requiring the use of statistical software. However, it is also easy to download all the game data into a CSV file that can be analysed with most statistical software packages.


All games, links to corresponding data visualization apps, and raw data downloads are available at our Stat2Games site: https://www.stat2games.sites.grinnell.edu/



Topic Lab Description Prerequisites
Descriptive Statistics and Data Cleaning Racer PartA This initial game can be played with the original Racer game or a simplified Racer game called RacerLite. RacerLite has fewer options than the full Racer Game. None
Cleaning Data Racer PartA    
Designing a Paired t-test Racer PartB    
Simple Linear Regression Greenhouse Part1    
Regression Models Greenhouse Part2    
Categorial Data Defenders Part A    
Hypothesis Tests - means Racer    
Hypothesis Test-proportions Defenders    
Ethics with data